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EZ-B V3 Update

Great news! The EZ-B V3 will be available for purchase on May 16th 2011! Visit us for updates on availability or ask us to notify you.

For those following the us, the EZ Robot Project has experienced some fantastic changes and growth over the past few months. The latest news is the development of the EZ-B V3 (rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?). The latest EZ-B was designed in partership with Solarbotics and includes new features influenced by the robotic community. These changes needed time to unfold and your patience has been appreciated. The new EZ-B V3, partnership news and availability will be announced shortly!

Have you always wanted to make a robot? It is easier than you think! This is the latest version of the EZ-B Robot Controller Board, the new EZ-B V3!


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