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EZ-B V3 Available Now!

Hello and Happy Monday!:)

We are excited to announce the EZ-B V3 is now available for purchase online! The purchase price of $119 USD includes shipping the V3 Bluetooth Robot Controller and Battery Pack. The new EZ-B V3 hardware was redesigned in partnership with Solarbotics. The new hardware board includes a I2C header, a smaller high output I/O voltage regulator, removable Bluetooth module (can be swapped with high range synapse), barrel jack power and a new I/O design that is compatible with Arduino Shields!

Are you a V2.1 owner? Do not worry, the firmware and feature set of the V3.0 is compatible with both versions, and always will be!

Have you seen ARC lately? Many new features including Joystick, Speech Recognition, New Script Commands, Roomba Support and more!

Currently the EZ-B V3 is available on www.ez-robot.com for a limited time to give you, the loyal EZ Robot Community the opportunity for first purchase. Later this week, the product will be available for the same price at www.solarbotics.com.

Are you attending Maker Faire in San Francisco Bay Area this upcoming May 21st & 22nd? If so, EZ-Robot and DJ Sures will be presenting the EZ-B V3 and some of his robots at the Solarbotics booth. Come by and check it out! Also DJ will be presenting at the Maker Live Stage on Sunday 12:00 Noon, where he will be building a robot and demonstrating the power of ARC and the EZ-B.

Happy Building!
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my name is nbila
and i wish to have this product
but i really dont know how to pay for it and if its possible to send it to syria
please replay to my email and i will be thankfull
thank you
Nbila, do you have paypal?