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Dynamixel Wires

just got my EZ-B today, and I really need some help

can the dynamixel wires connect directly to the ez-b, and if so, which way do I put it in? there's no ground/power markers on the wire headers.


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Hi Sudo,

Here's the wiring of the Dynamixels:

User-inserted image

You want to hook the wires up to the EZ-Bv4 in the following configuration:

Data - D5 VDD - Red Vin Pin beside D5 GND- Black Gnd pin beside that red pin

Just be aware that you'll want a voltage of 6.6VDC or above powering the EZ-B in order to have enough voltage to supply the Dynamixels (which are rated for 9-12V but can operate at a lower voltage).


okay, I've hooked it up with 12v and they wont move. they're hooked up to d5 and they have the id and such, and they aren't moving. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?


When you initially power up the Dynamixels do the red Leds on them light up for a second? This will tell you that you have power hooked up correctly.

Otherwise, note that you don't have to have D5 configured in your servo control but rather the AX# instead.


Dynamixel only work with EZ-B V4. I just got this working. So if the cabling is correct it does work. When you add a horizontal or vertical servo to desktop ignore the port selection. Instead select the dynamixel check box and use the pull down to AX servo number you need. Save the setting and be sure to set the servo min and max positions and save the servo setting. Min is the lower number max is the higher number.