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Dual / Triple Power Supply Sources

Hi All;

Wondering if it's possible to power the EZB4 with my LiPo battery (7.2v) and run servos that say require a higher or lower operating voltage. Of the 3 pins for the digital servo connection on the EZB, white for signal, red, black for power. Can I use the signal pin to the servo, and use a larger voltage battery's pos and neg to power the servo. Do I (can I) connect the neg larger battery to the black pin of the digital servo connection of the EZB so as to have a common ground plan. Don't what to blow anything up. Or is there a different way to go about this. confused


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Exactly right. Common ground. Signal pin from EZ-B, positive from more powerful battery (or less powerful if using 5v servos).



Excellent, thanks Alan. That's what I thought. Tried it without the common ground and got zilch for a response. Just didn't want to continue without bouncing it off the community. Thanks again, Don :)