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Dual Axis Magnetic Sensor

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone is using DJ's recommended compass sensor?

I think this is the link for it


DJ, do you have a video on how to install this to the EZ-B (there are a lot of pins on this little sensor)


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its an I2C device so look at the pinouts on the datasheet and connect the SDA/SCL/VCC/GND
Thanks orwnic82
That sounds simple enough. I see your avatar is a quad copter. Is it a Gaui? I have a few align 3d models but the ez-b got me thinking about a quad.
yea the pic is a quad I built around the ez-b as the main processor, I have not yet been able to finish it as I need to finish the programming as Im doing it in c#, all thats left is the stabiblity. I started it back in september. There are more pics of it on my facebook. The whole thing is hand built and not a kit, the frame however I did not create but I did modify to fit the ez-b in.
Thats cool. You should post some pictures and videos here, I would love to see what you have so far.
I'll gladly post then however I'm wait till I get visual studios installed so I can put up pics of the interface window I've created for it.
Nice, I'll keep a watch for it.