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Dual Axis Compass Module, Is There A Video On How To Wire?

Dual Axis compass module, is there a Video on how to wire?

D.J. Maybe when you get back from the show and settle down, I would like to see a short video on how to wire this. I see the pinouts going from the board, but where do i hook them to the EZB?

Just a little schematic would help.


Oh, maybe you also have one on hooking up the PIR, I have one of those also.




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Right. But is there a schematic? I see on the little board an RX and TX, Vcc+ and Ground. How many wires do I need. I think the I2C has only 3 wires. I have been in electronics for 41 years. I have heard of I2c before, but this is my first time to actually use it.
you may not have the right compass board
this is one type

compass board
rx and tx is ttl or serial board,not I2C
its 4 wires 5v or 3 volt,gnd and SCL and SDA
Yep. This is the same one that is in your add. It is a 24 pin and looks sort of like the basic stamp. It says it is Ic2. Maybe this board is both.

BTW, how is GART comming along? What about the turtlebot Software? It has been a couple or three weeks hasn't it?
if the same one you hook up gnd to gnd ,5 volt to 5 volts,SCL to SCL,SDA to SDA
software havent had the chance to work on it yet,very busy
yes,there is 4 pins near bottom of board labeled,the same pins go to the compass board
So, I probably only need those pins and not any more of the 24 pins?

OK, I see them. Now, I want to hook the compass, but I also have a PIR unit to hook there. So, would I hook both units in parallel to make them both work?


is the PIR I2C bus or analog or digital,if I2C same pins can hook up many I2C sensors up to the same pins
what kind of PIR sensor do you have
I believe it to be IC2 type. The connections on it are:

There is a jumper that says H & L.

then there is a 3pin connector that says: -,+, and OUT. I believe it came from Parallax.

That is all the connectors. Don't know how to hook it.

I looked on the Parallax sight and found it. It was the cheapest one that I could find. $7.95. It must be digital because you hook the +5 volts and ground and then ONE pin turns either High or Low if it sees something. Must be digital.
then you hook it up to the digital pin