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Dual Axis Compass

Having problem connecting The Sure Electronics DC-SS503V100

ezb connects & then disconnects after a short while

no voltage drop on supply


Any advice would be appreciated


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There is some talk about it on THIS thread, check it out, might help.
Thank you Gunner

2 x 10k resistors got the compass up & going

United Kingdom
Hello, what length wires did you use? I have been trying to get mine working for days now, I have put to 10k resistors in and my wire lengths are 20mm? it works fine for a 5 - 10 seconds and just shuts my ezb down? I then cycle the power and then works again for a sort time,Can anyone please help?
My initial problem was same as yours

wire length is approx 40mm
one 10k between SCL & ground

one 10k between SDA & ground
United Kingdom
Bravia, could you confirm you are putting the resisters between SCL & ground and SDA & ground? I thought it was between SCL & 5V ands SDA & 5v. I will swap them around and cross my fingers?
To Ground that works for me
United Kingdom
hello Bravia, many thanks for your help :) :) all up and running now thanks:D
no problem great to hear you've had success

we depend on each other for support on this forum

Not using a Movement Panel for control of my robot ,so I have a lot of programming to do