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Driving Stepper Motors With Ezb V4

Done a lot of looking on the forum and still can't figure it out. I am building a pretty heavy duty robot and want to use the power of stepper motors. Question is - how do I interface the stepper motor with the EZB? I have Kollmoren P22 stepper motor - 8 wires, capable of bipolar, unipolar and parallel operation. I guess I need a recommended drive shield board and then how do I hook that to the EZB? I am expecting to need to drive up to 4 of these motors.



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Yes / the forward led me eventually to the answer - the problem was a missing ground wire.
Thanks. I hate accepting credit for pointing you to someone else's answer, but the forum only allows you to assign credit to those who participated in the thread. Oh well, I'll take it. I am going to need an inverted pendulum sensor when they are finally released, so any EZ-Bucks I can accumulate can help:)

Yes / the forward you posted led me eventually to the answer - the problem was a missing ground wire!