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Does The Irobot Create Work As A Supported Platform?


I was wondering if it was possible to hook up the EZ-B to the iRobot Create? It is basically like the Roomba but without the Vacuum cleaner and it is cheaper, only $130, and it seems like a good wheeled base for a robot. It also has a bunch of sensors built in which would be cool to control from EZ-Builder. Would it hookup the same way as the Roomba?

iRobot Create


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Yes, I utilize IRobot Create for my robot Captain Ann Droid.
I use the small mouse like socket towards to outside of the Create, identical as my Roombas.
I purchased the required plug @ Radio Shack after trying 2 mouse plugs that did not have the required wires.
The 25 pin cargo bay socket can also be used to control Create which is how I first operated it with my EZB. The 25 pin also has many other options.
The Create also has built in mounting holes and a usefull cargo bay.
Steve S