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Does Jd Work Without A Head

I had to send back JD's head and wanted to continue experimenting but it won't do any of the EZ- builder commands. Is there a way to get JD to work without a head temporarily ?


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Sure will - simply remove the RGB Animator control from your project. Although, you will receive errors but it will still work. The only control that is dependent on the head is the RGB Animator. Without an RGB Animator connected, the EZ-B v4 will lock up - so remove the RGB Animator control from your JD project.

Remember, ez-robot revolution is modular, like lego. JD is not an actual robot. JD is a build that is called JD.


Thanks. Need to go through more lessons and understand how a project is put together and understand "Builds", this already helps a bit, helps me realize each item I see when I load the JD project is a building block. Will do this tonight, sounds pretty simple. Anxious to get the the point where I can learn how to see the code behind each block (I assume it is EZ-script). I have programmed for many years in many languages. Right now I do lots of Perl coding and some Korn shell coding in Linux RHEL5/6.