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Does Ez-Robot Sell Only A Few Kind Of Sensors?

Hi guys, today I've a new and important question. I recently checked the "Products" section and I saw that there are just a few type of sensors, but I'll need more than one type.

So I need to know if EZ-Robot produces only the sensors available in its "Products" section or if there are more types.

If not, I know brands like Adafruit and SunFounder (but I'm sure there are other brands). Which brand do you suggest that will fit (and work properly) with EZ-Robot?


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Any sensor that will work on an Arduino will work on an EZ-B, but digital devices will probably need the in-line 5v regulator because the power pin on the digital ports are unregulated (whatever power you supply to the EZ-B is what is supplied on the power pins. Typically 7.4 volts).

Most analog sensors should just work on the ADC ports. ADC ports are regulated to 3.3 volts.




Any sensor that will work on an Arduino will work on an EZ-B

What about those sensors that work on a Raspberry Pi?


Same same.... There are very few sensors that are specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi. The "sensor kits for Pi" that you can buy are just bundling of existing micro-controller sensors.

I would avoid I2C sensors unless you are very good with electronics. Although the EZ-B supports the protocol, it is very finicky, and sensitive to wire length and often needs extra components (typically pull- up resistors) to work. Buying the I2C sensors from EZ-Robot is OK because they have all the needed components and have been tested to work.



Yeah, I have looked at a similar kit myself just to play with. (I also have a couple of Raspberry Pis that aren't doing much and might benefit).

I am sure most if not all of those sensors could be used. Again, the digital ones probably need 5v regulators.




Yeah, I have looked at a similar kit myself just to play with.

@thetechguru sorry for my late reply but the computer has been under maintenance for a while. Anyway, thank you for your answers. What's the name of the Kit you use?


My Pi was a Canakit. Just came with breadboard, a couple of buttons and some LEDs, but they have kits with a ton of assorted sensors. This is what I have


I use variouse sensors for my EZ-robot; Gas/smoke, PIR, Sound direction, LDR, ultrasound, etc.