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Does Anyone Know The Brand Name Of The Developer

thats used to get the yellow out of plastics,was told to get 40 lift developer with brighter from sally beauty supply ,but they have many types and dont want to ruin my plastic
right still in china for work,will be home in a week to work on my robots :) :)


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It's called "salon care 40 volume developer" white bottle blue lettering. You will go through 2 of these maybe three with very stained parts. It's clear liquid , water and 15 percent hydrogen peroxide.


You must mix each batch of developer with lightener. Get a regular salon mixing cup and add one to two scoops per 8 ounces. You want it to be milky /creamy but not so thick as toothpaste because it needs to be semi transparent so some sunlight gets to the surface. I would use another comparison of look and consistancy but I don't want to be innapropriate lol. You will figure out what I mean.

Using gloves is a must because if you don't after the first 30 minutes and you rinse the parts to do a fresh coat your fingers will feel like they are on fire as the peroxide irritates the nerves. So please use gloves. You should be out the door on cost for about 30 to 35. I got lucky and the powder whitener was half off when I bought it and developer was 2 dollars a bottle. Before buying ask to look at the circular for coupons. just remember follow instructions as if it was for hair trying to bleach platinum blonde , rinse after each application for best results and don't get discouraged the first day. I've noticed after a day of whitening somhow they continue to get whiter sitting overnight even without developer on them, be sure not to let parts physically get hot , don't use a hairdryer or anything crazy and I promise all the parts will come out clean and perfect:) please post before and after pics. Hope this helps - Josh
looking to order this one instead of quick blue lighter ,since on sale
and have them ship to me ,so when i get back from CHINA trip
do you think this will work instead
salon care blue flash
Yea , its basically the same. 1-2 scoops per 6-8 oz , you basically want it to gel some so it sticks to projects surface. Pls pls pls invest in nice gloves while doing this. It's equal to a salon worker doing like 20 perms with no gloves on lol.
i use gloves alot,at home for working with chemicals,and out side work too,s alon gloves are cheap gloves you can buy,my x-wife uses them alot too ,i hope she doest want my developer i am getting too
china really good place to see,this is my 5 trip,not much time for sightseeing this time
i been to so many many countries and love to travel a lot
that developer only has 3 chemicals ,water ,hydrogen peroxide and phosphoric acid
so looks fairly easy to make,now on formula its a little hard,but with my spectrometer design i made
i can make it very close to the same and much cheaper,but i did order it so when i get back will have it,and will need a sample for my spectrometer design
These materials at least for me locally were about 30 bucks , not worth time and effort to make it myself. Anyways key thing is uv light. I didn't have one so I used sunlight , lol agian cheaper for me. Have a safe trip home man.:)
same here i got mine for about $30,but i found out buy buying a gallon of peroxide and the acid
i can make less then $15,one main reason if you want to do more then one robot cleaning its worth it
bought alot of robots,R2-D2 a couple,RAD 2.0 3 OF THEM ,2 omnibots, radio shack omnibot 2 of the m ,galaxy robot and much more,a few with remotes to restore them without EZB
i have a UV LAMP and looking to make a adjustable base
good to work freelance ,have time to design and work on my robots and the pay is better then good ,plus travel,some work i do for the company i do at home and can set my own price for each job
last job about a month ago i made $5000 for about 3 weeking of testing and designing and building it ,and they paid for the parts too