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Asked — Edited

Dj How Do I Hook Up To Brookstone Rover

i have a brookstone rover and have it connected in windows wireless
what setup or changes do i make in EZ builder when i add brookstone rover movement pad and hit connect ,the light on rover still blinking ,meens not connected
anything else i need to setup in EZ builder

yes thats the one i have and saw that info,doesnt say how to connect,but i found the problem for a strange reason doesnt connect on main pc but does on laptop,does shopw up in wireless connected in pc on connections
when i clicked connect it wouldnt connect
but on laptop it does,using netgrear usb wireless and shows connected,so some where on my main pc computer there is a problem

for now since working on my laptop,now i can hack it for add-ons ,like tilt for camera adding EZB and more sensors and stuff
DJ i noticed the the app has alot more functions then Movement Panel and video.one it hac accelerometer and another is night vision (stealth vision) will you be adding them to the EZB
ON STEALTH mode you need B&W