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Dj About The Ezb

are you using a crystal at 24 mhz or PLL to boost it
its makes a difference in actual speed


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The ez-b runs at 40mhz with 4x pll
ah i thought that,thats not true 40 mhz running speed
The ez-b hardware and speed were selected to accomplish the requirements. For information on the abilities of the ez-b, please visit the ABOUT link from the menu. Optionally, you can also download ARC to see the number of feature available.

Choosing a faster processor will not add more features to the ez-b controller. The code within the controller is incredibly optimized and therefore uses less current and lower chip cost. The lower IC cost provides more development time for new features.:)

Under the tutorial tab is an introduction to hardware and assistance for controls:)
yes i know a faster processor wont add more features only more memory if need will
but sometimes a faster provcessor will excute the function faster along with software and speed of the computer,also like more bits,like 32 bits better then 16 bit processor,
it does draw more current but not much
A larger bit count will not provide more speed to the ez-b. the ez-b is real time with almost zero latency. Because the computer does the processing the ez-b is a dumb terminal that is configured in real-time.

The CPU executes at 40mhz and the code is optimized for that speed.

For more information on understanding pll to know how 40 MHz is achieved with a 10 MHz crystal, consult this informative page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phase-locked_loop

Also, I have already answered your question regarding the communication channel and how it is optimized. Please reference this link: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=1832&page=4

Hope that answers your questions:)
I misunderstand your question. Please provide me with a question and I can help you.