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Hi Folks,

Ok, I'm working on automating my full size B9 robot and want the upper torso section to be able to rotate continuously in one direction if needed. I have an electrically silent ring gear with only 4 conductors (2 rated at 30 amps and 2 rated at 15 amps). The lower section will need to have two wheelchair motors for mobility, a motor for torso rotation and a small motor to operate his 'soil sampler'. The upper section will need ten servos to control arms, claws, radar rotation and bubble lift. There will also be a sound system so I will need a stereo amp and speakers in on of the two sections...

Given the high power requirements and complexity of needs here, the only solution I can think of is TWO controllers.

Is it possible to connect one EZ- B to another and control them both simultaneously by Bluetooth from one notebook?


Thanks in advance!


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OR, do I even need to connect one EZ - B to the other. Can one notebook computer control TWO EZ-Bs simultaneously via Bluetooth

I need suggestions on the best way to go.... Would either solution be more robust? Why?

More thanks!

Hello gwen4156! In theory can be mounted up to 5 ez-b and work together.
There are enough digital ports 20 ez-b for your project?
If you have to turn toroso indefinitely and had thought of installing an ez-b in each section to prevent the cables from becoming entangled in the articulation of the torso, note that you will need a battery up and one down (the torso)
There is also a solution for connecting cables for moving parts or continuous rotation, the "rotating connectors"
I hope I have cleared up any doubts, greetings.
Rotary connector

User-inserted image
Yes, I have one of these with four conductors. Why would I need a battery in both sections. Could I not use the four connectors as two for signal and two for power?
Of course it was in the case of not having conectror newspaper. My English sometimes plays tricks on me.
There are 20 digital ports on the EZ-B - which is more than enough for what you are doing:)

If you ever needed, 5 EZ-B's can be connected to one computer. Download ARC, and press the ? on the Connection control. That will bring you to the help page for that control. Every control has a ? button, when pressed will bring you to help for that control.

Will you be using Sabertooth motor drivers? If so, they only require 1 EZ-B Digital Port per driver.:)
Yes, I will be using the sabertooth for the drive motors and a combination of the EZR heavy duty servos and the EZR 2.5 amp motor controllers for the rest of the robot.

Thanks so much! I'll be ordering the second EZB shortly!

I am so happy this product is available. I've been watching other members in our club for years who have automated their robots way more than I was able because they were either code writers or some other professional related to computers and engineering. This is great that with your product it's now easy enough for all of us to do!

:D I'm glad it helps! And remember, it keeps getting better:)
this is another guy on this forum named THOMAS that has a full size B9 robot,might look at him for ideas,not shore if using EZB ,may need to ask him

thomas website
and DJ did a great job on EZB
I am building a full size B9. I actually do have two EZBs. I am putting one in the top half, and one in the bottom. Mine will have articulated arms. There will be twelve motors in the arms alone. There will be more for lifting the bubble, bending the waist, etc. I might have gotten away with one board, but I wanted to eliminate all the wires between the two halves. I will only have power wires connecting the batteries in the legs to the top section. The two EZBs will each run their respective sections through the Bluetooth.

That's the way I'm doing mine, anyway. You'll have to decide what's best for yours. It sounds like you came to the same conclusion that I did.

Good luck!
I will have the batteries in the bottom. The only wires that will span the two halves will be power.