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Development Kit

Would anyone who has a development kit ,with all servos and components supplied conneced know how much current it draws at 7.4v as I need to source
a power supply to power a few kits.
Thank you


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That's difficult to answer without knowing the application - which includes how far the servos are moving, how many are moving at the same time, and what weight the servos are holding. Don't quote me on a number but I've seen 4 servos draw as much as 4-6 amp spike on a small robot. i think most users are aiming for more than 10 amp power supply - and of course this doesn't mean linear voltage reduction - digital switching is a must.

If this is for desktop (classroom/lab) use, I would recommend 20 amp adjustable power supply. There's plenty on eBay, which are the ones we use in the lab.
Yes it's for classroom use
Thank you DJ