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Detect Different Colors With Sdk?

I've been trying to figure out how to detect color with SDK without getting its location and it needs to be multicolor. I'm trying to make a program to detect these colors: white, green, blue, red, black. I am Not using ARC. My program does more that ARC cannot. I am Not looking for its location either. I just want it to be able to detect those 5 colors. How do I go about doing this?


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Im not familiar with the sdk but you could, in theory do this,

Look at the current color tracking code that ARC is using. I believe it's the same as the SKD. My guess is that they made the SDK first so the could write ARC. Its probably set up something like "If camera detects "XCOLOR" at "XLOCATION" then move to "XLOCATION" ". Find that and make your own version that replaces "move" with what ever code you want. Possibly a ControlCommand? You probably can pull the location parts out as well. I'm sure the color is the trigger.

That was just psuedo code of course. I've only played with ez script a little bit and have not touched the sdk but it seems pretty strait forward from a programming perspective. I'm sorry I can't explain better.


Wolf, the current SDK only supports blue green and red.

June 1st is the release of the next SDK which includes multiple color support - allowing you to specify your own color to be detected by HUE, luminance and saturation