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Deal On Tiny Bt Joystick

I have no idea how well or even if this will work with EZ-Builder, but I ordered one to try since the price is right. If you are looking for a small hand-held remote for your EZ-Bot, Woot has a key-ring size Bluetooth joystick today for a decent price:



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It mentioned IOS and Android compatibility but nothing about Windows.
Yeah, I also went to their web page. It has an iOS specific mode, and a "Universal" mode which works with everything else. Has some Android software that makes it work better on Android (controls music player, acts as a key finder, some other stuff), but should work as a basic joystick without the helper software. Windows should see it as a joystick without anything additional.

Cool find Alan! I like it, once you receive it let us know how it works out.
I received this, and it is a bit strange. It actually appears in Windows as a keyboard, rather than a joystick. So the direction buttons work with a movement panel, and the other buttons work with a keyboard input (keys are a,m,v,w,u, and n, and I can switch to player 2 and then the direction buttons send i,j,l,k and the buttons are t,f,h,g,c, and b.

So, it will work, but i need to make sure the keyboard control has focus (the arrow keys still send to the movement panel, so that should be OK).

The device itself is only slightly larger than a car keyfob remote, so nice and portable.

It won't pair with my android device, which is upsetting because I had planned to use it both for robotics and for a game on my android, but I'll live with it.

I may see if I can connect to another Android device to see if it has the latest firmware (can only be updated through Android or iOS).

Awesome! Thanks for the update Alan I may have to grab one as well. It'll be interesting to know if it can pair with other android devices as I like to do retro gaming with Android.
I did manage to pair it with my Android phone. It just took a long time to show up in the list, so I was accidentally trying to pair with a keyboard a few cubes down from me.

I think the flash deal is over, but you can get direct from the manufacturer for not much more: