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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Dead Battery Out-Of-The-Box

I think A) our battery has died, and B) our spare (BT684, 7.4V 1300MAH, 25C) is dead out-of-the-box!

I am attaching an image of our battery, and the image showing a puffy battery from your website as a ref.

Can you confirm from photos that this is the case (that ours is dead?)


User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Hi @Irobot

Your battery looks good. What are the symptoms you are seeing with your setup?
How can I tell a good one from bad? The one in our image has the case seperating near the wires just like the one in your tutorial image...


1) Battery I was using...will not charge. When attached to the charger, the green light never lights up anymore. At power on starts to flash blue LED, but only for < 1 second, then LED dies out.

Battery dead out of box, same symptoms. If I plug into the charger, green light does not turn on.
Thank you for the description. The battery doesn't look physically bad, if it was damaged, you would feel the puffiness.

It sounds like your battery charger is not functioning, or the connection between the charger and battery is worn. Can you try plugging and unplugging the battery into the charger a few times to see if it's just a connection issue? When the green light turns on, you'll know you made a good connection, if it doesn't ever turn on, the charger has an issue.
Thanks Jerimie-

It does appear to be flaky connection at the charger. I will try to charge the "spare" later.

The battery does not appear puffy. From the example photo we provided, you can see the damaged battery is nearly twice the size as good battery. Your battery appears brand new and has no sign of puffiness. The photo was taken to demonstrate the size difference between a damaged battery and good battery. The size differences of the battery in the photo are quite evident to be significantly different. For example, the puffy battery is nearly twice the size, where your battery looks brand new.

1) have you disconnected power from the charger for a few minutes before recharging?

2) are you connecting power to the charger before connecting the battery?

3) It sounds like the charger is not charging and the battery is fine. If neither battery is charging, then I would assume the charger is at fault.

I do require clarity about the charger blue LED. I understand the green LED does not light up for you. However, are you stating that the blue LED on the charger flashes? If the blue LED is flashing, it sounds like the connector to the charger is faulty or damaged.

The blue LED of the charger should never flash. Here is a link to the battery charging tutorial in the learn section: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/26