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Dead Battery

I have an AdventureBot that will not charge. Tried two different chargers and two different outlets. Tried charging for over 24 hours. Tried connecting and received a diagnostic report which showed N/A for voltage. I have a Roli and the same charger charged the battery in the Roli.

I am assuming it is the battery that is bad in the AdventureBot. We have not had the robots very long, but have used them many times.

Do I open the shell and is there anyway the battery has come lose inside the body?

If it is just the battery, is there a warranty or do I just buy a new battery?

Is this the battery I buy if it is the battery that is bad?


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Now I am wondering if it is the charger box. Does that ever quit sending a charge. I did a little experimenting and one charger box lights up green with the Roli and the other doesn't.

However, both charger boxes stay all red with the Adventure Bot.

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The batteries you are using in the Adventure bot and Roli do have a certain lifespan and will need replacing at some point and can only be recharged (charging cycles) so many times, as with any other type of rechargeable battery. The fact that you said that you use it a lot could point to the LiPo battery has come to the end of its life.


However, both charger boxes stay all red with the Adventure Bot.

What you have said above would also point to this. This won’t be a warranty claim as you have used the battery before with no problems, but used it a lot.

The batteries can be removed and replaced. The chargers you are using that came with the robots are balance chargers and the y also stop charging and this will be indicated when the green light goes off as mentioned in the products page...


Red: Power indicator Green Light: charging instructions (On when charging, Off when charged) Green Flash and Off: Saturated Battery

If both chargers are the same, and the charging indicators say different things when charging/charged batteries (you say one goes green and the other does not), you may also have a dud charger.