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You need to buy motor a controller. DJ sells them in the store. You hook it up to the batteries, the motors, and then plug it into any digital ports. You cannot hook a motor directly to the board.
Just 1 or more there is 4 motors on that think;)
United Kingdom
1 controller does for 2 motors. So 4 motors would need 2 controllers.

Be aware that motor controllers take 4 or 5 digital ports each, so 2 could use up to 10 of the ports.
there are some esc's for brushed motora on the market can i use 4 of them with ez-board
there are some esc's for brushed motors on the market can i use 4 of them with EZ-Board

wrong spelling sry
Visit this link, these esc be reversed, I mean are like a servo, central position and each end = stop = Forward and reverse, I have two and have very good price.