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Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet.

I say it often enough... "what does the datasheet say?" or "look on the datasheet"

But not everyone has the datasheets or knows where to find them so let's make it easy!

Richie Rich's Datasheet Repository

It's slowly being populated will be cleaned up where needed (I may even throw in some EZ-B connection schematics and instructions if I get the time to do them). To be honest, at the time of writing this I have literally only just started it and it's gone 3am so it should be sleepy time for me, so bear with me on this a little, I'm not 100% sure how I will do the file structure yet (possibly folders for manufacturers, maybe just renaming the files, who knows...)

I do have a hidden agenda, I want more datasheets... So, if you have any datasheets that I don't have in the repository please feel free to email them over to me and I will add them in for everyone to grab easily. Either email the datasheet over to me at rich@richpyke.net or give me your email address and I'll set it so you can upload the datasheet directly.


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What a great idea @Rich. I see this being very useful.