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Hi! I am new to the community and haven't even bought a robot yet, still deciding which to get and stuff. Anyways, I was looking mainly at the Six Hexapod robot, and I was wondering what kind of pieces (not included in the kit) I could attach to it. For example the 18 RGB LED block (, can that be attached to the Hexapod in a normal, sleek way that looks like it belongs, or even the Humanoid head with camera ( can that be put into the hexapod to replace the original head? If not what kind of stuff can be attached to the Hexapod that isn't included in the kit. Thanks! Have a nice day!


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You just can use your imagination and create what ever your mind comes up with. If it don't look right or function the way you want, change things around a bit. I would order some extra extension cubes, pegs, adapter plates and blocks. If you have the extra money, order some extra servos and the hexapod body. This way it would help you in creating what you dream up. It never hurts to have plenty (12-24) of those, lesson learned on my part. I actually need to order some more. My kids come up with some crazy looking things and before you know it they already changed it to something else, most of the time, what they build doesn't really function.


@ZCKman Revolution robots were/are designed as a modular system. Meaning (as @69deleloper mentioned) you can mix and match pieces to your heart's content. They pretty much all work together in a "clip n' play" fashion...