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Custom Robot Question?

Hello everyone! : )

This is my first post here. I don't even know if this is the correct forum to be posting my question but I will do my best here. First off, I can't even build a Lego robot and I don't have the intelligence or patience to build a real robot. I know I am in over my head on this forum... but I am curious. I am an artist and I've long been a fan of the robots by the World of 3A. I have had several of their creations most notably Optimus Prime Dark of the Moon. I am, however, interested in all robots especially those of the dystopian kind.

I have always been a bit frustrated that the World of 3A and other creators that do not make fully functional robots so I have been doing some research and discovered the EZ-Robot JD Humanoid. Wow! Now that thing is amazing. It is a real robot and not just a plastic collectable with articulated joints. But is it me? I am a bit frustrated by the cutesiness of the EZ-Robot. So I did some Google searching trying to find a forum where there was a community of people customizing the EZ-Robot with paint and parts to give it a more serious presence. My concern is merely an aesthetic one but I'm sure there are those of you out there that echo my sentiments.

I'm attaching photos of "fake" robots that are amazing looking. Is it even possible to customize the EZ-Robot so that it has an entirely different look than the standard one out of the box? I would love to see some photos and videos of what you have done to customize your robot, whether it's an EZ-Robot or some other robot.

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i just checked you can upload pics now.
nice pics.jeremie made the voltron robot.

O.K. I have photos up now. Thank you for your help. Of course, bots like spiders can't be made from a EZ-Robot JD Humanoid. The point of the photos is to merely point out that real robots like the JD Humanoid have the "appearance" of being cutesy toys. On the other hand, these photos show incredible creativity and imagination but they don't move. They aren't real robots. You see, both sides offer something incredible but it's frustrating, why can't the two sides meet and to form something even better? If Boston Dynamics can do it why can't others? Why can't someone take a real robot like the JD Humanoid and turn it in to something masterful, something that stokes the imagination, something that's as convincing as the photos above but also has the lifelike movement of the JD Humanoid? Engineered robotics coupled with creative imagination.  

Thank you too for uploading the Voltron Robot video. Who doesn't love Gen 1 Transformers? It's nice to see someone doing something beyond just articulated plastic parts and it shows what a little tinkering can do. The skills are way above my pay grade. Like I said, I can't even make a robot out of Legos.

you can learn alot by just trying.you can learn to make parts with free thinkercad.
building robot is a trial&error prosses.choose a robot to start.ask alot off questions.
post pics&video's
"you can learn alot by just trying.you can learn to make parts with free thinkercad.
building robot is a trial&error prosses.choose a robot to start.ask alot off questions.
post pics&video's"

... but can you take a JD Humanoid, take off the shell, and with the skeleton turn it into something as incredible as the robots above? Is this even possible?
yes you can modified al jd parts in thinkercad.
you need alot off patients.there are lots off good members with printing skills here.
look at darth jader fro dj.

David, there’s thousands of robots built by people on this website that are not jd ezrobot’s. The first response to this thread is a link to the showcase of published robots. 

First, you’ll have to understand target markets of products. The jd robot, by ezrobot, is targeted for education. The design and modular components of the product line are targeted for that customer. 

the Boston dynamic robots you’re mentioning do not have products or customers. Albeit they put a version of the dog on sale for universities to use in education programs.

What assistance do you require to build a robot from synthiam's community?
@davidhunternyc    Jeremie "Synthiam" under live Hacks is constructing an Astro Boy from scratch using Tinker Cad, you can watch and learn how to use tinker cad and 3d print parts for your own design, the hack covers the electronics and servo, parts you will need to know. and you can join the live hack and ask questions. you need a computer and ARC program which is free from this site. check out what other builders have made and get some ideas. you have to start somewhere, and there is help here.
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Did you ever check out the robot section? https://synthiam.com/Community/Robots

Ez- robot is a great platform for a education in robotics

You can really customize any robot. with the ARC software (free)

Here are some things you can learn, there are too many things to list:
Here are a few from the ez-robot site: These should keep you busy.

Linear Programming

1. Create a Scene Using RoboScratch (Big Hero Six)
2. Create a Scene using Blockly (Avengers)

Logical Programming

1. Programming Concepts (Variables, If/Else, Logic)
2. Counting Up
3. Counting Down

Camera Input

1. Face Detection with RoboScratch
2. Face Detection with Blockly
3. Face Detection with EZ-Script
4. Color Tracking With Servos
5. Color Tracking with Movement
6. Detect Multiple Colors
7. Vision Object Training & Recognition
8. Glyphs to Control Robot Movement
9. Detecting Glyphs & Augmented Reality
10. QR Code Detect
11. Microsoft Cognitive Emotion
12. Microsoft Cognitive Vision

Audio Input

1. Speech Recognition

RGB Output

1. RGB Animations


1. servo Control
2. Introduction To servo Motors
3. Create a Robot Dance
4. Program Robot to Dab
5. Program Robot To Play Piano
6. MYO Gesture Armband

Navigation and Movement

1. Movement Panels
2. Navigating using RoboScratch
3. Navigating using Blockly

Creative Applications

1. Customize Your EZ-Robot
2. Control Robot From Twitter
3. Nest Thermostat

3D Printing JD

1. CAD Files for JD
2. 3D Printing Community

Be well!