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Creating A Windows Phone App.

Hey I need some help. I have a windows phone and would like to control my robot from there using the bluetooth. Can any one help me out???? *confused* *confused*


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mmm... now you can not do that... but you can connect your computer and the windows phone to the same wifi... and then open ARC in your computer... create a http server in your computer.. copy the ip that gives you ARC in your internet explorer in your phone!
good luck!
What he said
You can also consider creating your own application using the SDK. It used to be compatible with mobile development, not sure about now with all of the enhancements. We haven't had much request for windows mobile support. I would consider adding it if there was demand.
Interesting DJ.. If windows phone 8 became a popular system... but for now... I think that is not necessary....
I have an Idea... maybe create a team to show the world what can EZ do... participating in robotics competitions...for example @Niek you can do that! I can do that. Everybody in this community can.. show the world the potential of EZ and people involved in this...

( @DJ Sures has plans to sell shirts with the logo of EZ??) maybe this can help to enter in the robotics in a global form??