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Creating A Sort Of Ez Robot Taskmaster

Hello! I am trying to make something I can "use" not just for fun but to actually accomplish stuff around the house over WiFi. Here are the features I intend to implement should it be possible.

If I could keep it attached to some sort of charging cable 24/7 it would keep it with no reason not to be connected to WiFi!

Mech warrior mobility (able to glide across surfaces, or walk across uneven ones)

Galapagos bot stability (able to stabilize movement, to better deny movement upon the local from which it's meant to be locked to) this can be ignored if it's not possible. But to be able to use the grippers to full potential with the mech warrior legs and wheels, it might help to have more stability on demand.

Myo armband (two, for both gripper arms and claws, to better perform tasks)

The top part of No base.

I think of buying the full 999$ set of pieces, just to see if I can make it myself but I want to know if it's possible to create a sort of schematic to actually plan it out beforehand!

I made a post before, but I feel like an idiot after realizing, that all these pieces can do exactly what I needed without needing to be revolutionary and hire a full team of robotics workers.

Any and all advice is well appreciated!


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Right on @Rocketlog, start posting some of your napkin sketches and I'm sure they'll be plenty of people on the forum that can suggest what direction to go with your build. Best of luck with your robot, it's sounds like it'll be awesome!


Breaking down a couple of your design ideas, first is 24/7 charging cable. Most robots that are mobile don't have a cable plugged into them 24/7 unless they are large stationary robot that run from an AC source instead of a battery. Having a 24/7 charging cable plugging in would actually be a bad design idea. If your goal is auto recharging, the iRobot Roomba or Create might be good for that with their docking stations and you can find some example of how those have been used by other members in the project showcases.

Plus if you are using only Revolution robot parts, you can't run the robot at same time it is charging.

As far as mounting the arm design on a platform, I think you could mount it on the Galapagos frame but I would be concerned about how stable it would be with that heavy arm on it. If I wanted the arm to move around the house I would probably consider putting the arm on the rover track base or adding 4 continuous wheel servos to a custom base for the arm.

I don't think the arm design would work on top of the Mech warrior robot, it would be too top heavy.

Going back to your 24/7 charging cable idea. While it was a bad idea, I think what you were trying to think of is a way to extend the run time of your robot and that is something many of us have done. The standard battery in the Revolution robots is 1300 mAh 7.4 lipo, they are wonderful batteries by don't last a long time, especially for a custom robot. You'll notice in the project showcases a lot of us purchase a longer lasting 7.4 lipo from other vendors, for example in my custom robot I have 5400 mAh battery, but it will not fit inside the standard case, so I had to extend the cables and place the battery outside the robot which for my design/robot is no problem.


@RocketLog, If you are thinking of using an iRobot Create 2 as a base for your robot, take a look at this link for some ideas

It does have a great charging system and also provides always on power to run your EZB controller even when its charging. That way, you can summon the robot without have to turn on any power switch or unplug anything.

The drive train is rugged and pretty quiet

If you are looking for some arm designs, take a look at some youtube videos like this for some ideas

Regards, Frank