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Controlling Robots With Android

I noticed a pop up on the ARC today, saying that we could now control our robots with Android. Did I read it right? ??? I can't find anything on the site about it! If this information is correct I'd sure like more details!!!!!!!! Are you going to post details DJ? What app would need to be downloaded? I have a Android tablet; a Samsung Galaxy. Man! That would be beyond awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Read the entire popup:)
OK DJ, I read it again.................................Unfortunately I'm not familiar with entering an HTTP server............... Could you be so kind as to tell me how one does this? I presume it means I can enter the "Http server" information into the browser of my Android pad and then being able to control the robot from there????? What does the Http server open? How might this work?
Hehehe, yup!

You can select HTTP Server from the Utility menu. Press the Config button, add usernames. Then exit config menu and press the Start button.

Once you do that, you can enter your IP Address from another laptop/phone to connect too in your browser. i.e. or what ever your server ip is.

If you are connecting from remote (ie.. outside of your network on the internet) then you will need to read instructions on how to port forward with your router.
I guess I'm being dense again. Still don't have it (sorry bout that DJ) yet. I typed my PC's IP address into the browser on my Android pad. I get a screen saying "Webpage not available".

Under HTTP Server is my PC's host name.
Local: ( my PC'S IP address)
Remote: ( another IP address, starting 98.180. etc.
I then entered my PC's (local) IP address into my Android pad's browser and then get the "webpage not available".
I presume that the objective here is to open ARC on my Android pad. Is this correct? What am I not doing?????????? LOL
United Kingdom
Hi just tried this on my iphone and it works fine

You just need to enter the 2nd local address into your Android browser. Make sure you click start on the EZ-B control and it will show a box on your Android enter admin into the box and press enter then you should be away.

Looks like you are entering the wrong ip address
I double checked / I have two IP addresses. One says " Local " the other says "Remote". I do not have a 2nd "local". I tried both in the browser on my Android pad. Now I am getting a " Data connectivity problem" error message. Any ideas?
Making progress. I double checked to see if my android tablet was synced with my PC. Turns out it wasn't. I synced again; this time sucessfully. This time when I entered the IP address I got a window with ARC in the upper lefthand corner. Under that is another box followed by the word," Login"
I presume its asking for my EZ-B forum user name and password (yes/no?) I tried inputting ,first, my user name (Didn"t work) then I tried just my password (didn't work) Then I tried my user name + password;didn't work.

oops; wait...................................... its coming to me..................... The user name from the http server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
United Kingdom
Yes you got it..

You can add another user name if you like as well as admin
I got it! Up and running on Android. I did it again, didn"t I, DJ? I found the movement panel, etc. Thanks for being a sounding board.
I'm gonna bug ya tomorrow with questions on the ultrasonic/radar. Perhaps ypou shouldn't reply until after I've made a few posts. (And hopefully resolve the problem.)
Mery Christmas ; Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to all.
I love this option. Im new and dont have the kit yet but soon as i have my hands on it :-) , i have a tmobile gslate that i usually carry with me instead of a bulky laptop and backpack. So can you see the whole user interface? Camera feed and all? My project could potentially be used to spy/securitybremotly from home. That and ill know what my dogs are up to!