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Control Does Not Appear In Mobile

I successfully got Six to identify a red ball and even say words as he progresses. It works perfectly well as long as I run it via wifi from my desktop. I then uploaded it to the cloud and downloaded to my IPhone6. However, every time I want to use the camera control on my phone it says: This control has not been implemented in mobile, yet Name: Mytest (which is the name I gave to the Camera control) Type: CameraDevice

What do I miss?


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The camera control is not available in the mobile version, yet.

If you wish to use your camera, create a mobile interface.

There is a ? (question mark) next to the X (close) of every control. Pressing the ? will bring you to help about that control.

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Here is additional information for assistance about ARC:

specifically here is information for the mobile interface builder and what controls are supported:


Did you use the Mobile Interface and then add the camera control ?