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Resolved Resolved by Sudo!

Consulta De Compra De Robot Jr

ya realice mi compra del robot JD pero me dice que me faltan pasos de opinión, pero no encuentro nada y no me llega nada a mi correo.

ya tengo orden de pedido y se me descontó de mi tarjeta me podrían ayudar


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Por favor, utilice el traductor de google por lo que el foro pueda entenderte. Son altavoces predominantemente inglés.

¡Muchas gracias!
United Kingdom
Not really sure how this topic required assistance (check the requires assistance terms) nor how the response to use google translate solved the issue.

Google translate doesn't do a very good job of translating your problem, presumably you are having an issue with ordering a JD and it's saying you are missing something? If so, it should indicate what's missing along with indicating all required fields etc.
I was trying to get him to post his problem in English so someone with a JD could help him, I guess he misunderstood.

Por favor uso traductor de Google a puesto tu pregunta en ingles, @Xiomara. Credito quien respuestas, no me.

De nuevo, gracias.
Also; he's saying something about how he bought a JD and that's he's missing steps(?) and they won't send to his email account.
He was saying that the processing steps such as step 1,2,3,4 not being sent trough his email after he bought JD, but everything is resolved now