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I am trying to get technical support for my ez bot robots. Technical support sends me online. I have been online trying to figure this out but no luck.
I have JD , six, and revolution. I can not get JD to connect to Wifi. I have uninstalled the antivirus software as suggested, have rebooted, their is no red light shown? on the power pack. my voice message comes on loud and clear each time. I have gone through all the steps and redone them. It is brand new out of the package and the wifi is the only stumbling block so far. Can somebody please help ?. I need help asap as I am on a deadline for my school to get these going. thanks


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Are you having the same issue with the Six? If not, then probably a warranty issue on the JD. If so, then you are missing a step, and I suggest going through the connection tutorial again step by step.

It would help in troubleshooting if you give more information about what you are or are not seeing. Does your computer see the EZ-B network but refuse to connect, or does it not even see it. If it refuses to connect, what error are you seeing. Is the computer also connected to a wired network? (if so, disconnect it until you get hte EZ-B working and onto your network - you could be having an IP address conflict between your router and your EZ-B). If the computer connects, then immediately disconnects and returns to your home network, tell the computer to forget your home WiFi network so its only active choice is the EZ-B (sometimes Windows will be aggressive about using a connection with Internet access, and the EZ-B obviously doesn't have access when in AP mode).



Also.. you should edit your post to remove your email address and phone number. This is a publicly accessible forum, and is indexed by Google. Putting your contact information in a post is a good way to get spammed...



Hi! I removed your personal information.

  1. what is the voice message that comes on loud and clear?

  2. in the list of wifi networks, what is the network that is displayed for the JD robot?

  3. when you press the Connect button in the software, what is the error message that appears at the bottom of the screen?

  4. what do you mean by "there is no red light shown"

  5. i do not see any information in your usage log regarding successfully connecting to other ezrobots (six, etc). Did you follow the build instructions and connection activity presented in the learn section?

We'll get you up and running in no time:)

Ps, I suspect you've watched the wonderful the robot program episodes and activities from the learn section to get started for each product - sometimes people simply forget to connect their computer to the wifi network of the robot.

Sometimes we're a little too excited and forget to follow the instructions:). Good news is we made the instructions and learning super fun for both teachers and students with the robot program.