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Connection To Ez-B

Hello everyone.

I have noticed the connection to EZ-B breaks up very frequently. Just when I thought I had re-connected it, I find out nothing works still and the connection has already failed again. confused

What I am wondering is wether there is a way to refer to and control the connection window within ARC by some sort of script? Maybe it is possible to have it automaticly reconnect when it fails? Or possibly assign a 'connect' script to a button on a wireless 360 controller?

Greets, Kristian.


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I was having a similar issue with my board and found out it was the current draw of the items I had attached. They browned out the board and it would disconnect. I then moved all of my larger servos to a separate power supply and have had no more issues. I would suggest removing plugged in items and try again to see if it works without the large load on it. Start with large servos first.


Alright, thanks. That explains a lot, this particular project im working on uses 3 high torque servo's though only 2 of them are working at one time for tilting a cam around. I didnt think 2 High torque servo's would be a problem at first, but clearly it is. Ive been putting off adjusting the board for external power but I guess I cant get around it anymore. Anyway, thanks for your reply.

..Still though, being able to remotly control, or have some automation script for the connection would be very useful. Do you think that is possible?