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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Connection Skill - Reordering Positions Of Several EZB's

Hi all,

I've already set up the connection skill and added 4 different EZB's into the wanted slots and saved the project.

There has been times when I have wanted to swap a couple EZB's in their positions because I put them in incorrectly. Example: I'll exchange the ones that were previously stored in slots 1 and 2. When I do this sometimes one or both of the EZB's wont show up in the scan tool. This happens even after I click on the disconnect button in the connection skill. 

Am I doing this correctly or is there a better way to move multicable EZB's around in the connection skill? Is a shutdown and reboot of both robot and the laptop needed after each move? 

Scratching my head.

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Ezrobot controllers are only discoverable in scan if they’re not connected. That’s all I know *shrug*

I do everything by com and never use wifi so I dunno
#2   — Edited
Thanks Brother. Makes sense.

I was able to find the EZB's with the scan tool once I rebooted the robot and laptop without them connected to ARC.

In my robot I have two EZBs connected to the computer through Com ports, one EZB in AP mode connected to the computer through a WIFI dongle and a IoTiny in Client mode connected to the AP mode EZB. Crazy right? But amazing and it works great. No need to use my home network for anything but internet access for the main computer.