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Connection Problems

Hi Everyone,

Maybe someone can help me out. I am unable to connect to the EZ board. There are no com ports listed under the "Connection To EZ-B" window. I tried to locate the board under my bluetooth settings as well however it was not discovered. I finally have a little free time so I am looking forward to getting this up and running. Thank you. Have a good one.


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Hi GotRobbed,

I don't even have those icons which DJ talks about. I don't have a system tray. Maybe I don't have all of the software because it can clearly be seen that my display and DJ's display are completely different. My computer is not detecting the board. I even tried to detect it directly through control panel to no avail. I will keep at it.
Hi GotRobbed,

Sorry for the delay. Yes, I installed the software my problem is two fold one it does not detect the board and two a have a boot loader error usually when I get around to actually having free time it's after little sleep so maybe I am over looking something. It's frustrating because i feel i'm so close yet so far.
One thing Ive learn was that I powered up the EZ-B controller and I saw 2 blinking lights. Then I inserted the Usb blutooth to my pc and added the bluetooth device and the "linvor" icon appeared and then add the code and I was connected

Hope that helps
Hi GotRobbed,

Thank you for all of your help. I believe it is an issue with bluetooth my PC can not find the board it has no problem finding other devices. Maybe I'll go wifi.