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Connecting Vuzix Glasses

Hi every one!, hope be fine.

I'm trying to connect the vuzix glasses with the ez-b but doesn't work.

Hi every one!, hope you be ok.

I'm trying to connect the vuzix glasses with the ez-b but doesn't work.

what I have is the following: the vuzix are connected to the black cable, that black cable is connected with the white cable and the white cable is connected trough USB to the notebook. About the software, is open the camera device setup, and I can see what the camera sees, the camera is working. Also is open the vuzix setup, also the config process was done, board#0, servo#0, etc., and when I press "connect" nothing happens. I just see a blue screen in the glasses.

Thanks in advance.

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There should be two connects from the Vuzix
1) USB for power
2) VGA for video

If your laptop does not detect the VGA, then you will need to push a button combination to output to VGA port. Sometimes the VGA output button is the FN key and a Function number. My Sony VIAO it is FN and F7.

All laptops will be different, so you'll have to look on your keyboard to find the key.:)

What version of the Vuzix glasses do you have? They must have an Accelerometer for the Vuzix Control to work
Hi Dj!

Thanks for your response.

The cables that comes with the Vuzix are: the black one which is connected to the vuzix box (batteries) by plug connector and a female RGB connector on the other side. Another white cable with a RGB male connector + a USB and iphone/ipod connector, and on the other side a ipod/iphone connector.

There is no VGA. After your comments I realize that I have to connect the RGB connector to the VGA and connect this one to the laptop?.

I attache photos about cables.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Thanks in advance.
Mago, email vuzix and ask them if your model is compatible with the VGA adapter - which you'll need. Otherwise, ask if they will accept an exchange for the correct version.

Also ensure the version you get has an accelerometer:)