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Connecting To Wifi Network

Attempting to connect the EZB v4 to my wireless network. I followed the tutorial through the explanation of connecting as a client I entered the SSID and Security Key and, after a minute, got a message that the network was reset with the option to Try Again. I don't know where to go from here.


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Did you follow the connection issue tutorial:

When a connection is not able to be made, it prompts and asks for you to review that tutorial. If you have reviewed that tutorial, you have not answered if your computer network adapter is the type provided in the trouble shooting list


Thanks for the response. Yes, I looked at that. I do not have AVAST. I checked the Device Manager and do not have either of the two adapters listed. Is that what you are asking?


Yes, that's what i'm asking:)

Mentioned that you are being prompted for a security key. You should not be presented for a security key if it is a new EZ-B. Perhaps you need to reset the EZ-B? Follow this tutorial:


The router is a Cisco Linksys WRT54GL, the computer is a Gateway SX2850-01. The network devices listed are: 802.11n Wireless PCI Express Card LAN Adapter; Microsoft virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter; and Realtek PCIe GBE family Controller.


Thanks. I do know how to reset the EZB. I have been at this for several hours. I am trying to connect through WI-FI client mode. It asks for my SSID in one window and Security Key in another. It is, as far as I know a new EZB v4.

When I press Connect. The EZB makes a sound, but the screen indicates that the connection was reset from the EZB back to my normal connection. And suggests I Try Again - which results in an Error .


The EZ-B speaks (or does if the speaker is connected , there is a trouble shooting tutorial for that if it isn't). It will either verbally say "I have successfully connected to your network", or it will say "I am unable to connect to your network". If the former, then you are ready to find it in ARC. If the latter, then you need to reset in order to put it back in AP mode, and go through the processs again making sure you entered your SSID and password correctly (both are case sensitive).

(edit.. Removed reset instructions. Misread part of your post)

User @technopro also did some nice tutorial videos. I would link to them but am answering from my phone, but should be easy to find in the tutorial threads.



Hey Alan,

Now THAT was very helpful!

I had the controller in the other room, so didn't hear what it said. I just saw the reset message on the screen and instruction to try again and thought it hadn't worked. Well the voice says that the controller has successfully connected to my network.



Well, the voice said the EZ-B was connected to my network. But when I try to connect O on the screen it says EZ-B cannot be found.


Disregard, I figured out to search for the IP and found it. Whew. Can you tell I am not really good with computer stuff. Well, I am learning.


I really suggest you go through the connection tutorial and then watch Technopro's videos (some learn better reading, others by demonstration, so try both). His videos make it really simple in plain English.



Thanks Alan. I am very new to this with a lot to learn. I'd love to watch the videos. Where do I find them? Thanks. You have been very helpful.



There is a button on the menu bar of this website that says "LEARN" - if you press that, it will bring you to a page of tutorial videos.

I would recommend starting at the first video for your robot and following each step.

In order to connect to the WiFi network, there is a whole section on WiFi for the EZ-B. You will find it by pressing LEARN and scrolling down. Look at each block and read the title. The title for each block is in bold, while the text is in regular font. The course that you are looking for is named EZ-B v4 WiFi. The lesson within that course which is relevant to your scenario is titles EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Modes.

TechnoPro's tutorial videos can be found here: (you will also find his tutorial on the LEARN section in the lesson that I explained in the previous paragraph)

good luck!:D


Thank you DJ. I had gone through all of the relevant tutorials before I first contacted you, including the ones you mention. The problem I was having was that the controller was in another room. When I followed through with the instructions on using the Wi-Fi client mode - including putting in my router SSID and Security key - a message appeared on the screen that led me to believe the connection had failed and that I should try again. In actuality the program was resetting from the EZ-B server to my router. Alan explained that the EZ-B voice would indicate whether or not the connection was successful. So, when I brought the controller into the room, I heard the voice tell me that I successfully connected to my network. I don't remember the voice part in the tutorial, maybe I missed it. Anyway, that solved my problem. After configuring my servos, I found I still was not connected. When I selected connect for base 0 the message was that EZ-B was not found. I finally figured out to scan for the connection and found it. I know this part of scanning for the IP is found in the tutorial, but I relied mostly on the video which didn't mention it. I put in the corrected address and it connected fine.

Did I say that I am not a real ace at computers?

Anyway all seems to be connected now and I will be working through the ARC to operate my "robot." By the way, my robot is a remote rover that I am building from RC parts, other fabricated parts, a robotic arm, and the EZ-B. I'll attach a photo (taken before installing the EZ-B). Thanks for the link to the Technopro tutorial videos. I look forward to watching them.

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