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EZ-B v3 yes. Carefully lift the Bluetooth module off, and the plug it goes into is TTL. Need to share ground with whatever you are connecting with, and the tx and rx. Don't supply voltage to the power pin, it is power from the v3, not to it (I forget if it supplies 3.3 or 5v).

I have used it with a USB ttl adapter, but any capable device (like you're beaglebones) will work.

Note: my usb ttl had the transmit and receive connectors labled backwards, so if whatever you connect doesn't work, try swapping them.

I don't believe there is a way to direct connect to a v4.


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Which version of the EZ-B? The V3 can be changed to connect through USB easily enough, just replace the BT module for a USB one. It's been mentioned and detailed in a few forum posts.


thanks. do you have images


Sorry, no images. I hooked it up just with some jumper wires during a failed attempt to replace the Bluetooth module with a wifi one. I was going to make it permanent in a laege bot with on-board computer but put the project on hold when the v4 and revolution was announced (going to start working on it again in a few weeks when my Roli and dev kit arrive).



It is held on by double stick tape, but the pins at the back go straight down into the plug, so wiggle it a little to loosen the tape, but lift straight up to not bend the pins.

Depending on how loose you get the tape, it may lift the processsor chip out of its socket, so give it a little squeeze after you remove the BT chip to reseat it.



thanks. much appreciated