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Connecting External Power To Servos

Just receive my early EZ-B Kit Christmas Present for myself today:)

Did a warm-up exercise testing all the components.

1st question:

I would like to supply an external power supply to the EZ-B servos directly and read in the technical manual that I have to dis-connect a power connection in PCB first.
(to avoid conflict with Main board Power)

What is not clear in the manual is where in the PCB I should break the power link or connector to separate the servo power supply and main board?

Can someone post a picture indicating where I should make the change?

2nd question:

I was trying the example on Telnet and apparently address is only an example.
What is the command I should use in Windows to find out the correct IP address to Telnet into EZ-B board?

Thanks for the help!



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@Woon Hello and welcome,

I have modded my board for external power so here is a link to one of my postings on another thread. Unless you are skilled with soldering, I recommend JUST cutting the trace and NOT adding the jumper. NOTE: modding your board will void any warranty.

You would plug in external power to the pins beside D14 labeled EXT PWR

A quick way to determine your PCs local and internet IP within ARC would be to open up HTTP Server (under General in Add control) as it will show all the detected settings. NOTE: that the port setting in both HTTP Server and Telnet can be custom set by you, and depending on how you are routing the signal (over an internal network or over the internet) you may need to also set up port forwarding in your router.
Thanks, Gunner !

Good information and ensure I do not make a mistake in blowing up a Regulator:)