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Asked — Edited

Connecting An External Speaker To The Ez-B V4?

I wonder if it is possible to connect an external speaker to the ez-b v4?
Maybe even a stereo speaker or 5.1 system?

Let me know if you have any questions on the tutorial I made up that Alen points to. It's really a very easy mod as long as you have basic soldering skills. As far as the output jack you can use your imagination on the type to use. I've seen several types people have used. Of course I used the most difficult. LOL. You can just use a common male or female 3.5 jack and solder it directly.

This mod is for adding an external amp or amplified speaker. It wires into EZB before the internal EZB amp. If you want to utilize the internal amp of EZB and use a regular speaker there are solder point already marked for this. I think they are shown in the tutorial. They are seen in the 6th pic down and marked SPKR .

Have fun. ;)

Can I go directly from the speaker terminals into an external amp and speakers or do I need to go before the built in speaker amp, and why?

Ron R
If you go from the speaker points to an amp it will be very distorted amd might even damage the amp because it is already amplified. You can got to a SMALL speaker from the speaker points, go to an amp from the amp points.
So, It will distort then, Ok thanks. To the pre-amped taps then.

Ron R