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Connecting A De Kangaroo To An Ezb V4

I have been reading heaps of threads here after searching "Kangaroo" and I cant seem to work out how to connect the EZB to the kangaroo. Do I need all four terminals on the Roo (0V, 5V, S1, S2)? I have this vague memory of only needing 0V, S1 & S2. Where do I connect it on the EZB

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Steve confused


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@steve.neal You use 0V and S1 to send to the Kangaroo/sabertooth.... the 5V is for a Bec.... (you don't use it).... You can use any of the digital ports or the UART ports to send data... However, to receive data only the 3 UART ports can do that... What are you using for feedback? Encoders?

0V - ground pin on the ezb's digital port/UART S1 - signal pin (white) on the digital port or Tx on the UART 0


Hi Richard,

Thanks so much for the advise. For feed back I am using an encoder.