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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Connecting 2 Ezb V4's

I followed rich's instructions setting the first v4 to ap mode set the ssid and passwd. set the second v4 to client mode, ssid and passwd of thr first v4. Now niether v4 shows in my list of wifi and both v4's are flashing red. they were blue when i started.

Hope i explaned this correct.


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Does your speaker work on the ez-b v4's? Because it will tell you if it's connected to your network or not...

If it says "unable to connect to your network" and flashes red, that means you entered something incorrectly to connect to your network.

There is an entire LEARN section on WIFI MODES. I would recommend viewing and completing the tutorials.
Hey DJ, wow! The speakers are not connected right now. I looked, watched the videos' on the different wifi setting and I must be dense, because nothing stuck out that explains how to connect.

I will keep looking. Thanks for the quick reply!
Look in the LEARN section for a Course called EZ-B WiFi
Thanks DJ! got it working. you da man!