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Connect To Mip

dj can u make a video on how to connect to wowwee mip? and please upload it to my computer doesnt get youtube for some reason

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Have you looked at the ARC manual? We have a short description on how to connect to your MIP. You can find it here.


i find that a little(ok a lot)hard to understand


SM, we can expand on the connection for you - however, it will not be until the new year due to limited available resources



I have a MiP and I am currently using 4 x AAA 1.5 V Alkaline batteries. This provides 6 V to the MiP.

I am thinking of buying a MiP Recharge Kit( I heard that the Kit consists of LiPos and that it would make MiP slower/less responsive. Is that true?

What is the voltage supplied by the Kit? Is it less than 6 V?


You do not power the mip off the ezb power source. Both will require their own power - although we recommend using a 9volt battery to power the ezb. You can see by the mip manual page on this website that the power is not shared - only the ground is shared because common ground is necessary.

Ps, do not duplicate post please. Your other post had been deleted.