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Companion Robot

Hi everyone, as im going to be bringing 2 vintage robots into the 21st century, i am wanting also to eventually build my girlfriend a companion bot.

She lives overseas in asia, and it's going to be awhile until we sort immigration out and everything, so we only see each other twice a year.

I have a Robie Jnr i can hack, but wanted to ask if that's a suitable platform?

I would want it to have a voice, and to be able to leave her voice messages, and have it greet her and her 2 dogs in mandarin.

Would something like the Robie be ok to upgrade you think for voice communication, etc?

EDIT-Just noticed the EZ-B IoTiny, would that fit inside? Sounds perfect for a talking, listening robot? Appreciate any help thanks. : )

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Should make a great little companion.Check out my Romnibot project in my user profile.


Hi rb550f, will do thank you.

Just noticed the other robots you have, you have some very rare ones that's for sure, looking forward to reading up on them. : )