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Resolved Resolved by Richard R!

Command To Check Pause State Of Personality Or Speech Recognition Controls

Is there a command or other way for a script to check the Pause state of the Speech Recognition or Personality controls? I want to keep a PauseOff command in a script from running for these two controls if they are already paused?

For example; I have several scripts written that turn on and then off these two controls while the scripts are running. I also have a button on the outside of the robot that's attached to an ADC port on EZB that I also use to toggle these controls Pause on and off. If I've activated the pause on either control using the external robot button through the ADC port I'd like to add lines to my other scripts that will check to see this state. Basically I don't want those scripts turning off the Pause if I've already turned it on.

Just had an idea... Rich or DJ, if you're listening... I see a book on using EZB and EZ Builder down the road... I mean, why not "Programming the EZB with EZ Builder"? Arduino has a ton, EZ Robot is due...
United Kingdom
Already thought about it dude;)

But with the speed at which things change, plus the V4 and revolution being announced I put a hold on what I was throwing together.

When I have more time I intend on getting back on to some type of unofficial EZ-B/EZ-Builder/EZ-Script for dummies style book.
Awesome... I really think you should, Rich... V4 will be EZ Robot's flagship for sometime to come.... And there is always room for 2nd, 3rd and 4th additions....:)
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I have a lot of it done, where do you think my tutorials spawn from?:)

It's just a whole bunch of separate documents or pages and pages of notes. When I find the time I'll get back on to putting it in some kind of order and covering the things I haven't yet covered.
I am the bookmaker. I make books not book.