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Is there any firm date of when the open house will be yet? I am thinking about Nick and I coming up for it.


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It's definitely coming along! Electrical inspection was passed on Tuesday and they got the drywall up in one day. Taping/ Mudding is next which should start today. Glass for the boardroom and entrance will be measured by the end of the week next week and to be installed 2 weeks after that.

We still don't have a firm date yet for the open house. I'm estimating 3rd or 4th week of July so we can have the place fully set-up. The conference table, 2 desks, 3 round tables and 2 x long bar stool tables are being made out of concrete which also takes a while. We want all that in the office prior to the open house so we don't just have 5500sq/ft of empy space!


Okay, thank you. I know how construction delays go and all. I will plan for sometime in August probably.



Hahaha I hope not! I'm pretty confident in the 3rd or 4th week of July. We will make an official announcement once we have a set date :)