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im a noob at code and i would like to know how to make code. can anyone help?


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1. What kind of code? Arduino C#, VB.NET, etc...
2. How would you like to receive help?
3. With the EZ-B you don't need to program anything.
Agree with Niek, avoid code unless your up for a lot of study time. There are many things you can get your Robot to do just using ARC script and commands .. many of us are adding new things to the data base cloud every day.
Coding your own material is very beneficial, you get a greater undertanding of how the hardware works and also how systems are capable of running with multiple interfaces of the hardware. ARC is well designed to help with introduction into electronics not only in customization of building your own bots but also into a far greater understanding of engineering. If you simply use ARC great but your probably missing the ability to progress by not utilizing the SDK DJ has as open source.


I don't know where you want to start but I recommend you explore what ARC has to offer and while doing so look into the basics of c# programming. You will have to understand the callings for variable types, methods and functions along with fields. DJ has examples in the SDK you can review, you must download visual studios to exam it. If needed, I can supply some basic form applications that utilize some of DJ's SDK. Do know though that it will take some time to comprehend but if your willing to learn it has far greater benefits. Example you can add far more modules to the EZ-B then what is offered with ARC and create application windows that are specific to your project needs.
New Zealand
Sounds like an interesting conversation.... I am wanting to launch windows applications from the ARC interface Voice Recognition--> scripting interface....

Is this possible?

Should I investigate VBasic or the C# environment for this?

Any pointers?
I don't believe you can create your own window applications via ARC.

I believe everyone should try their hand at trying to develop their own coding application using the available languages. Your get a better grasp of ARC and the hardware your intefacing with the ez-b.
You can create your own window applications in ARC. There is a C# and VB control under Scripting. Within there, you can create your own controls and everything. In fact, you have the entire SDK at your disposal:D

There are many examples of using the C# control under File->Examples
Welp there you have it looks like DJ has made ARC do everything lol:)
Guess thats what I get for only building my own windows forms