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China Tracked Base

Saw these cool tracked Tank robot base bodies on Ebay made from heavy duty Alminum. Thinking about going for it for something more challenging using EZB. I am guessing I would need to use a Sabertooth type of motor controller for these more powerful motors,has anyone out there put one of these together yet? Looking for inspiring ideas on the best way to attack a project like that. sick User-inserted image

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Do you have a link for that? To recommend a controller, would need the specs on the motors (particularly the amps).

Challenge with 4 motors is coordination of actions and making sure you match the speeds. You'll need 2 H-bridges and probably a custom Movement Panel to make it work, but it looks cool.



Ya the price on these becomes way more when the duty taxes need to be paid on delivery coming from China but looks worth it to have something like a police bomb disposal robot that can climb over anything.....

Ebay robot link


None of the sources for that motor that I could find give the stall amperage, just the no-load, but they are not very big. I suspect you could use cheap 2.5 amp H-bridges and not need to do Sabertooth, unless you think you want to add encoders and kangaroo boards in order to make sure the front and rear wheels are perfectly synchronized.



Since I am now familiar with the cheaper H bridges, It would make the job quick and easy but they can handle 12. Volts? I thought they were only good for 5 to 6 volt motors?.........Oh On second thought, It could still run with 2 cheaper H Bridges, just would not get the maximum speed of the greater motors I believe......Also I think the picture is mis leading and it seems like a huge robot when it is likely only average medium size.


The amps are the issue not the volts. Those H-Bridges can certainly handle 12 volts. Probably more like 100v (don't have the spec sheet handy).



Hey right on, that's good to know!