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i am buying a omnibot right now and i want to put a chatbot that is smart and has a good personality any suggestions?


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Check the ARC: Scripting section and more specifically my post about Pandora Bot.

There are problems using an intelligent chatbot with ARC, the main one being when the script is listening for input you have to specify a phrase or phrases, you can't have it listen for just anything (dictation). Until that is overcome you will only be able to send specific phrases to the chatbot for it's response.

There are other issues too. It's not a simple process.

In the mean time, take a look at Pandoras Bot. You can set up your own bot and train it ready for if/when a script or ARC control is made for such a thing.
yea but is there some way i can make it show emotions and to somehow make the chatbot think?
what i meant is that i want the chatbot to be able to learn from you talking from it but i dont want it where it just copies you like cleverbot you get what i mean?
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Take a better look at Pandora Bots. It can do that. You need to teach it, but you can import "knowledge" in to them. It's based on alice which, as far as I know, nothing else even comes close to.

If you want something that works out of the box as you have described then be prepared to pay for it. If you want something that's fun to set up, learns and evolves then using Pandora Bots is where you need to look.

But, again, it doesn't work with ARC or EZ-Script right out of the box. There is a topic in scripting about getting it working with ARC, have a read and involve yourself in that one as it looks like it will be complex, it will be time consuming and wont happen overnight.
how do you upload a file to the bot when it says download and when i do it doesnt do nothing *stress*
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Without looking I don't know, it's all in the documentation though. But personally I would advise you train your Windows Speech Recognition up a lot before even attempting to use a chat bot going by my recent tests using other software which can use dictation payloads.. My SR has had a lot of training and has been constantly learning for about 12 months and still dictation was way off more often than not.