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Charger Flashes Red

Hellllllllllllllllp plz

I've really in an awful situation , my graduation project discussion is after 5 days & my jd robot charger once i put it to charge my robot it flashes red so is it damaged ? , after I've searched i found that User-inserted image

so plzzzzzzz any recommendation for repairing I've no time to buy new one :(

plzzzzzz help


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It is a standard Lipo 2s charger and battery. Any hobby shop that sells R/C planes or cars will have appropriate replacement.

I would take JD with you and see if it will charge on one of their chargers. If nit, replace the battery, if so, replace the charger.



Yeah - as alan said, you can "kickstart" the battery by putting it on a "dumb" charger.


@DJ would u explain me the mean dumb charger?

is there anyway to overcome the short circuit ?


consult the manual for the flash codes:

Here's the screenshot: User-inserted image