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Changing Com Ports In Firmware Update

I went to update the firmware on ARC today. When I opened up the update firmware window the com port had changed to COM 31. It should be COM 3. I can highlight it in the drop down but can"t change it. How do you change the COM port in the firmware update window?????? Guess I 've forgotten how to do it.


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the port should never change. however, if it says 31, that might be a Windows bug. It may never work on port 31, even though it shows you port 31.

There is a bug that i've mentioned to microsoft a few times now - but it hasn't been resolved. On occasion, your computer will show a port (ie COM31), but it's actually COM3. In fact, it won't even connect on 31, but will still connect on COM3. The only resolution is to delete the port, reboot, and re-add.

I'm not sure why it happens. There are plenty of bluetooth COM users on the internet who complain about the issue - just no resolution from Microsoft
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I get this all the time if a Com port 31 or 61 (say) appears in the connect drop down menu I know its not going to work. I usually delete the Bluetooth EZ-B device and re - add it but not tried connecting to the original com port useful tip thanks DJ
Welcome back DJ!! Sounds as if you've had yourself quite an adventure! I bet you are glad to be back home. Nice to see you posting again. Activity has dropped off quite a bit here in the forum without our fearless leader !!!! Hope your meetings were very productive. Looking forward to hearing good news about the future of EZ-Robot.
@winstn60 annoying, isn't it? I don't know why microsoft won't fix that very frustrating bug:) .. If COM31 appears, you can remove the 1 and connect to COM3 and it'll still work. The old port is still there - it's the name that changes.

@Robotz thanks for the welcome back. I try to spend as much time on the forum as i can. Most of the questions i answer are always in the tutorial anyway:) So i'm normally just pointing people to the tutorials haha

sadly, the more time i spend on here, the slower ARC evolves. it's good to see the community pick up support questions for new users. that takes the load off me so i can continue writing code and adding new features to ARC:)
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Maybe we can have some ratings Newbie's, advanced, master roboteer?? based on numbers of posts any other idea's? skill level, we can informally assign these to the existing categories except news, release notes etc (leave for DJ & Crew) that way freeing up valuable DJ ARC Development time

and rename or add sections like beginners, where to buy that sort of thing


@winstn60: I concure, it does sound like a good idea. That way newbies can address some of their questions to the more advanced users, and take some of the load off of DJ. However, I have this question; Who determines the assignment of the levels? One suggestion might be for the members to nominate other known members ( a specific thread could be started perhaps). Once a member recieves a minimum of say, 20 to 25 nominations for any given level, then that member can use that designation. Lets hear ideas.

@ DJ: I'm hoping that the long time user/builders return to posting on the forum and sharing information. I'm sure we all agree that the more time you have to write code and add features is a very good thing indeed!