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Celebrate The Worlds Greatest Robot Made It To Mars

Robot enthusiasts starting out with your EZ-B, check out the greatest most expensive robot ever made. Called " Curiosity" it recently landed on Mars, cost about $2.5 billion and is as big as a car. It has an amazing design and totally incredible.
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Awesome, besides being an effective robot tasks it does, I find it amazing design and quality construction to withstand G-forces of takeoff, travel, reentry and landing on Mars.
It is certainly a role model is a robot designed to do something and do it!
Here we may distinguish between robots and robots for specific tasks or adptativos versatile.:D
The one thing that fascinates me about Curiosity are the wheels. Of all the things they could have used to move over the desert like terrain of Mars - TANK TREADS - LEG CRAWLER COMBINATIONS - BALL WHEELS etc NASA chose a fairly conventional wheel configuration (x 6). I'm guessing those wheels can turn 180 degs to enable the robot to move sideways. I can't wait to see this fantastic robot making it's way up the side of the crater it's in.
I think robotmaker worked on the mars rover